Bob, Owner

Bob Bronson


As the owner of D&D Window Tint, Bob has gained valuable knowledge and skills over the years that have created quite a resume. A jack of all trades, Bob has been involved in the automotive industry for over 40 years and is continually learning in order to perfect his skills.

At the age of 16, Bob showed off his remarkable work ethic by learning how to install car stereos and quickly gained the award of Installer of the Year. Bob didn’t stop there, he continued to work incredibly hard and worked his way up to a District Trainer then gained the title of District Manager of Installations. Whatever Bob is presented with in the automotive industry, he goes above and beyond and has developed an incredible repertoire of skills that he uses to this day.

From Dallas to Nashville, Bob worked at multiple companies installing window tint as well as stereos and each new place he worked, he grew his knowledge base immensely. Along the way, his work ethic and love for the craft continued to grow. In 1994, he ended up working at D&D Window Tint where he eventually took over and bought the store a few years later, further proving his dedication to the automotive industry.

Before devoting his focus completely to D&D Window Tint, Bob worked on an endless amount of projects that helped hone his skills. He learned how to install window tint, car stereos, and thrived on challenges that would grow his knowledge and push him to learn new things. He became the owner of D&D Window Tint in 1998 and the rest is history. Ever since 1998, Bob has provided customers with excellent customer service, and refined product installation that has them coming back time and time again.

Bob continues to transition through his many hats, and is always looking to learn new skills. At one point, Bob specifically took a part time job focused on electronic repair so he could understand different troubleshooting issues and how to fix them so he could provide his customers with the utmost reliability in his work. Bob is a professional in the automotive field, and his work ethic has taken him to great heights over the years.

Amy, DDTint



In 2012, Amy joined the D&D Window Tint team and has been an irreplaceable attribute ever since. Amy is Bob’s Daughter in Law and over the years she has shown her immense dedication and determination as the queen of multi tasking, balancing work and raising amazing kids all at the same time.

Amy has proven herself time and time again with her incredible work ethic and attention to detail. When she first joined the team, she handled the piles of office wok as well as worked to learn how to successfully install window tint. As with everything in her life, Amy excelled in installing window tint and went on to learn how to install paint protection film. While learning how to install paint protection film she blew everyone out of the water yet again with her attention to detail and remarkable dedication.

Amy has shown up year after year for D&D Window Tint, even with her kids in tow. No matter what was thrown her way, Amy rose above every challenge and continues to excel at everything she is presented with. Amy has been and will continue to be an incredible addition to the D&D WIndow Tint team.

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