D&D Tint applies the best Automotive Paint Protection in Arlington, TX., by using the best products available.

What is XPEL Ultimate Plus paint protection film, and why do we use it?

D&D Tint Automotive Paint Protection in Arlington
Applying XPEL Ultimate Plus paint protection film

If you want to add protection and resale value to your vehicle, we recommend XPEL Ultimate Plus paint protection film. XPEL Ultimate Plus is the highest quality, most consistent paint protection film we’ve ever installed.

We recommend it because of:

  • Its smart installation process
  • Minimal texture topcoat
  • Clarity
  • Great adhesion for deep tucks and wraps
  • Hydrophobic topcoat
  • Self-healing

XPEL Ultimate Plus self-healing is a great feature. We like it because it also gives the film extreme UV resistance so it will not yellow over time. Also, self-healing provides industry-leading chemical resistance. It is hard to find a chemical that can hurt XPEL Ultimate Plus as it resists carb cleaner, lacquer thinner, and brake cleaner, even brake fluid doesn’t hurt it! If you truly want to protect your investment, do it with XPEL and D&D Tint.

XPEL Ultimate Plus goes on clear and protects your vehicle against rock chips, scratches, abrasion, bug stains, winter road salt, and sand. XPEL Ultimate Plus paint protection film also preserves the appearance of your vehicle while protecting your paint for daily use.

Why using D&D Tint for Automotive Paint Protection in Arlington, TX?

We are seasoned professionals trained on the ins and outs of installing protective paint with the best highest-performance results. With our methods, installation is quick and provides a more consistent paint protection application.

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Our installers are factory-trained and experienced professionals. From cars to motorcycles, we have a paint protection solution for you.

As part of XPEL’s network of professional installers, D&D Tint also provides you with the following benefits:

  • We have access to XPEL’s Global Customer Service Team, (24 hours a day & 7 days a week).
  • We have access to XPEL’s world-renowned pre-cut pattern repository with over 88,000 kits & applications.

Visit our store, send us a call at (817) 261-1744, or click here to get a quote for pricing and coverage options for your vehicle.

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