Momento Dash Cameras are available at D&D Tint in Arlington, TX.

Protect yourself from frivolous lawsuits with a Momento dash camera.

These cameras constantly record while the engine is running and have a sensor to detect impact and record even if the engine is off.

D&D Tint Momento Dash Cameras in Arlington, TX

Compare Momento Dash Cameras below.

Momento M5
$ 399.00 installed
Momento M4
$ 299.00 installed
Frame Rate30FPS (Front/Rear)30FPS (Front/Rear)
Viewing Angle270°270°
Dimensions104 x 66 x 32mm102 x 68 x 34mm
Recording ModesContinuous, Incident,
Parking & Manual
Continuous, Incident,
Parking & Manual
Viewing SoftwarePC ViewerPC Viewer
Power ConsumptionUp to 350mA
(during recording)
Up to 350mA
(during recording)
SensorsSony Exmor RPQ3100K-AT
DisplayTouch LCDTouch LCD
LanguagesEnglish & FrenchEnglish & French

If you need more information, please call us, stop by, or contact us. We are here to help.

D&D Tint Momento LCD
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