Have you ever been driving down the road at night, and flip on your headlights only to find them putting out a hazy and distorted light that isn’t effective on the road? If you are having issues with your headlights being cloudy or discolored, D&D Window Tint can get your headlights back to their original beauty by using Headlight restoration. Headlight restoration is the process of refinishing aged headlight lenses that have become discolored or dull due to factors such as oxidation from UV light, road debris, rain, and/or exposure to chemicals. Headlight restoration is an important process that helps you drive safely down the road with adequate light coming from your headlights at night.

There are a plethora of products and quick fixes on the market that promise long lasting results and are simple to do in only minutes. There are hundreds of Youtube videos that claim they have the “secret”. We have tried them all and nothing gives consistent and long lasting results as well as our technique does. Headlight Restoration at D&D WIndow Tint is done by professionals who have seen this issue many times before, and know exactly how to fix it effectively and quickly.

We have put many hours into perfecting and refining our technique to make sure your headlights work properly for years to come. When it comes to Headlight Restoration, we have created steps that have given us proven results time and time again.

D&D Tint Headlight Restoration in Arlington

What are the steps for professional headlight restoration in Arlington, TX.

The first step of our procedure starts by taping off the painted and neighboring areas of the vehicle, which will protect from any possible damage from the equipment we use. Taking this important first step ensures that the paint and finish of your car won’t be affected and will remain in good shape for years to come.

The second step in our process involves using a multi- sanding process to break through the old coating on the polycarbonate. Every vehicle leaves the factory with this layer and taking this layer off will help expedite the process of getting your headlights back in working order.

After we have achieved a smooth finish, we transition to the next step in our process which involves buffing. Buffing the area will be what brings the shine and clarity back to your headlights. We then use a variety of products we have tested to once again bring out the shine and clarity of your headlights.

Lastly, we cover the headlight lenses with our Protective Film which is the most important step to ensure your headlights stay clear for years to come.This urethane protective film will help keep newly restored headlights pristine. If you skip adding the protective film, your headlights will quickly start to diminish in clarity, re-oxidizing within a few short weeks.

If you are needing your headlights restored so you can drive with confidence once again, look no further than D&D Window Tint. The entire time it takes for the headlight restoration process varies depending on the car from 1.5 hours all the way up to more than four hours.

If your headlights don’t shine as bright as they should, have a dull or yellow thickness to them, and you don’t feel safe driving at night, headlight restoration is just right for you and our team of trusted technicians can get your headlights back to looking new in no time.

Please email a photo to bobby@ddtint.com for pricing and to schedule your headlight restoration today.

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