This is our most basic system, but there is nothing basic about Compustar 720A. This system is a low-cost solution for customers that just want to add security (mostly on older vehicles).

D&D Tint All-in-One Alarm Bundle Compustar 720A

Please email or call at us (817) 261-1744 for price (Installable in most cars).

Features list of the Compustar 720A: (read here about the meaning of the features).

  • Complete Alarm System with Keyless Entry
  • Light Flash
  • Starter Kill
  • Dual Zone Impact Sensor
  • Glass Sensor
  • 2-Step Keyless Entry
  • Ignition Triggered Door Locks
  • Trunk Release
  • Chirp Delete Via Remote
  • Super Bright Blue LED
  • Loud Siren & Horn Honk
  • Dome Light Control
  • Sensor Delete Via Remote
  • Passive/ Active Via Remote

Not all features are available on every vehicle. Some vehicles may require additional parts and labor.


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