If you are looking for Premium Automotive Window Tinting in Arlington, TX, D&D Tint is here to help.

We carry the highest quality window films, backed by a nation-wide, transferable lifetime warranty

Bobby Bronson, D&D Tint

We do not carry any basic films or dealer quality films, as they block very little heat, or turn purple and bubble up in as little as 2 years. We have carried Solar Gard High-Performance Smoke for more than 20 years. It’s a beautiful, black film that blocks about half the heat from entering your vehicle. It comes in three shades:, 35% (legal shade for the front doors in Texas), 20% medium, and 5% limo dark (which is legal on the back doors and back glass).

We also carry XPEL Prime XR, because it is the one product that out-performs its competitors selling for almost double the price. It is a true ceramic film, providing additional protection with a layer that blocks infrared radiation (radiant heat). Even on the hottest Texas days, this film will allow very little heat to pass through your glass, providing a noticeable difference in comfort. It comes in an ultra-light 70% (you don’t need to go dark to block the heat!), 35% legal on front doors, 20% medium, and 5% limo dark.

D&D Tint Automotive Window Tinting in Arlington

The benefits of installing Premium Automotive Window Tinting in Arlington, TX., are:

  • Enhances the appearance of your car
  • Restricts the view of your cargo, deterring theft
  • Cuts down on annoying glare, excellent in rush hour traffic
  • Keeps your car cooler, even on the hottest days
  • Keeps broken glass in place, protecting passengers in an accident
  • Protects interior against sun damage, increasing resale value
  • All tint from D&D is scratch-resistant for long-lasting durability

Stop by, call, or send us a message anytime. We would love to hear from you.

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