D&D Tint Compustar OEM Integration

Looking for a Compustar OEM Integration in Arlington, TX.? We have it at D&D Tint.

Compustar OEM Integration allows you to use your existing key fob to control the Compustar System.

The lock and unlock buttons will arm and disarm the Compustar seamlessly.

Lock, unlock, lock within 5 seconds will start the engine.

CM-X can be configured as Alarm only, Remote Start only or Alarm with Remote Start.

It works with most Push Button Start Vehicles

Also, with Standard Transmission Vehicles

If you don’t need a module, you will get will a discount.

For prices, questions or comments please call at (817) 261-1744 or contact me for more details.

Compustar Drone Mobile
Compustar Drone Mobile

Add Drone Mobile for Unlimited Range From Your Smart Phone.

Lock. Unlock and Start the Engine from Your Cell Phone And GPS Locate Your Vehicle

* Drone Mobile requires a service plan

What The Drone Mobile Does?

Drone Mobile is both an app and hardware, it is an all in one solution. Once the device is installed, it gives you the ability to automatically connect to your vehicle by using your smartphone, laptop, or desktop. The device also adds a GPS and a cellular connection to your vehicle. With Drone Mobile, you will also have the option to remote start your vehicle. However, for remote start or vehicle security, you will need to have a remote start system or security system installed.

At D&D Tint, we can install both the Drone Mobile app and the module to any vehicle for the convenience of remote start, GPS, and other features.

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